A Rant on the State of Humanity

Do you have ANY idea what it’s like to walk down the street at the age of 15 and be propositioned by a 40 year old man because you’re wearing shorts and a t-shirt? How about watching Mariah Carey on tv in your friend’s basement on New Year’s Eve and having her MOTHER compare your boobs to Mariah’s? What if the ONLY reason you met your neighbors on your first day in your new apartment was because you wore a tank top out that day?

I WAS BORN WITH BOOBS. Every human being on the planet has them. Stop objectifying me because mine are bigger than yours. I am not a piece of meat hanging in a butcher’s window. I should not have to come home feeling dirty 5 out of 7 days a week. I should NOT be blamed for being born with something. I shouldn’t have to apologize for wearing A TSHIRT AND JEANS. I was NOT asking to be slobbered all over. I was wearing a shirt that was comfortable. It was not a “super deep v-neck.” It’s the same exact shirt that you have that cost you $5 except I have a bigger chest than you.

Boys (and I say that because a “real man” doesn’t make a woman feel cheap because of the way she looks): The next time you decide to ogle a girl or woman, think of how you would react if your Mom or Sister came home and described how you were going to act. You’d probably be super pissed off. (I know my brothers would be.) Also, alcohol is NOT an excuse to be a pervert. Either learn to handle your liquor or don’t drink. It’s not forced upon you.

Last week, AT THE PLACE WHERE I WORK, a “man” came up to my counter. (I work at a bank, for reference.) He was obviously on *something*, be it alcohol or drugs…or both…most likely, and leaned way far over the counter, stared at my chest and slurred “you’re a beautiful woman.” I said “thank you” because I’m not an asshole. He continued with his transaction and threw in a few more “you’re beautifuls.” I couldn’t complete everything he needed done, so I went into my manager’s office. She started laughing when I called the guy “creepy”, and said that she’d take care of him from there. This dude then steps into the door of her office to explain (again) why he’s there. He says how beautiful I am again and she agrees. Earlier in the day, she had said to me that I have very expressive, almost cartoonish eyes. She can read them from across the room without me saying anything. So I clearly have a very pained, uncomfortable expression on my face when this dude asks if he can hug me. I can’t even speak with how inappropriate and uncomfortable I am, and my boss ENCOURAGES ME TO HUG HIM. So he comes right over and puts his arms around me. The other 5 people in the office found my discomfort funny. While I DID explain to them that I was uncomfortable and felt unclean, they continued to laugh.

If someone says that they are uncomfortable with a situation, BELIEVE THEM. Luckily, I was able to explain to her that I hated everything about the interaction. A week later, I have convinced them all to stop making joking references to it. I felt unclean. I didn’t want my mom to hug me when I saw her later. I didn’t want to be touched by anyone. I cried myself to sleep because I felt cheap.

A friend of mine, who knows me better than almost anyone, blamed it on the shirt I was wearing. For reference, it was a white v-neck “vintage” feel tshirt from Old Navy that I bought for $7. There is nothing overtly sexual about it.

All in all, I think this rant is just me wanting people to THINK before they act. It sucks being judged because of the way you were born. I didn’t pay for them, if anything, I’d pay to get RID of them. Just, stop making me feel dirty because you can’t learn to control yourself.


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