Confessions of a shopaholic…

Confession: I used to Hate shopping. Like, seriously loathe it. But i think that was because I lacked a certain sense of style. And also, I was too lazy to buy what looked good and not like I rolled out of bed.
Confession: i wore a hoodie and jeans almost every day of my high school career. I wore a few less hoodies in college, but i still dressed like a homeless 12 year old boy.
Confession: I have maxed out my credit card (and then paud it off) about 5 times in the past 9 months. Because I’ve discovered a sense of persinal style and an addiction to shoes that I will probably only wear once. I seem to be incapable of spending less tham $100 whenever I shop. I also do most of my shopping online at odd hours of the night. I can’t bring myself to stop, though, because I never spent money on myself before now. So, I’m going to continue to spend money I don’thave. Because I’m worth it. (Insert annoying winky faced model here.)


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