Rambling, incoherent, headachey procrastination

As I type this, I should be writing a paper that’s due at 9:30am. It has to be 4 pages. And, once I actually think of a topic, I should have no trouble getting this done. I mean, I don’t even need a works cited page for this shit.

But, I have had a headache since Sunday that has just been getting progressively worse throughout the week, and has decided that TODAY would be the day to make my eyes feel as though they have a heartbeat. It’s one of THOSE headaches. Those that hang out right behind your eyes. It starts out as a little niggling that may be easily fixed with a serious dose of Tylenol, Advil, or (my preference) Aleve. But then you realize that NO. This headache will not be stopped. My head is like “HA! I see your medications and raise you: an almost-not-quite-migraine! SUCKAAAA.”

You see, I was once told that I can’t call my headaches migraines because I have not been diagnosed by a specialist. Whatever, nerds. These suckers hurt. And, if seeing a specialist wasn’t so effing expensive, my mother (who suffers from migraines) would have taken me to see her neurologist. But, we don’t really have that kind of money, so I suffer in silence hoping that I meet some rich dude with awesome health insurance-and, preferably, a trust fund-who can pay for me to get my head checked so I can LEGIT say that I get migraines.

Anyway, the headache is probably not being helped by the fact that I desperately need to go grocery shopping. I have a relatively short list, that mostly looks like this:

1. Food
2. Yeast for bread
3. Measuring spoons and cups because the fucktard moved out and took the ones that I use bc she brought them to begin with even though she never used them.
(I hate one of my roommates. But it’s okay because she doesn’t live here anymore. Hooray for passive aggressiveness!)

In case you’re worried about my functionality today, I DID make a cup out of clay for another one of my classes. Yea. We had to make some sort of “vessel”. I was going to make a teapot because, c’mon, how freaking cute would that be? But I didn’t have enough clay…so I made a teacup. I’m awesome. I’m letting it dry, and then will decorate it tomorrow. In between classes, homework and the photoshoot that Allison wants to have. Oh, and I need to find a job. Desperately.

So, while I am apparently full of words of bullshit, I need to find 4 pages of words on Middle English literature. Or, you know, SOMETHING that I can pull out of my ass in the next few hours. This shall be a funless adventure.


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