Do you like nutella? do you like brownies?

Tomorrow (February 5) is apparently World Nutella Day. Who knew?

Sunday (February 6) is Super Bowl Sunday (and my sister’s 25th birthday).

In honor of both (all three?) I made Nutella Brownies. Before I post the recipe, let it be said: These may be the most delicious things EVER.


10 Tbsp unsalted, melted (but slightly cooled) butter

1/4 C Nutella

2 large eggs

1C granulated sugar

1C all-purpose flour

1/4C cocoa powder (whenever I need cocoa powder, I use half dark chocolate and half regular. YUM.)


Mix Butter, Nutella, Eggs and Sugar in large bowl. Sift in flour and cocoa powder, mix until well combined.  Pour batter into 9×9 inch pan lined with parchment paper (spraying a pan with cooking spray works fine if you don’t have parchment paper).  Bake at 375 for 30-35 minutes, until a fork stuck in the center comes out clean. COOL before cutting.

*I like to add nuts and chocolate chips to…everything. So I put in chocolate chips until I feel like there’s enough in there. And you can put in whatever kinds of nuts you choose. Tonight, I used pecans, because I had them in the pantry.  However, if you choose to add in these extras, add another tbsp of melted butter when you put the chips and nuts in. The batter will be toooo thick otherwise.

These are pretty rich, so I don’t cut them into very big squares. Also, they aren’t over-the-top sweet, which was unexpected. I thought they’d be insane, but I think the dark chocolate calms it down a bit.

Enjoy them! I’m sure they’d be absolutely FANTASTIC warm with a bit of vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce.


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