Puzzle Piece

It’s 2011. Which is a ridiculous reminder that time is sincerely flying by me without any sign of slowing down.  Classes begin exactly a week from tomorrow, and I am almost ready. I have none of my books yet, but i don’t usually order those until syllabus week anyway.  I wanted to download the books I’ll need for my 2 lit classes so I could get a head start but….the instructors haven’t posted them yet. Meh. Whatever.

I do know that I need to seriously buckle down this semester.  I had a totally shitty fall semester thanks to me failing my Shakespeare class (which, incidentally, put me on academic probation. So now I have to haul ass through spring semester for my pride AND so I can stay in school and Graduate.)

My mom has decided that I am definitely allowed to travel abroad next fall, just not to the country of my first choice (Australia). I’ll be going to either Ireland or London…I think I’m leaning more towards Ireland. Mostly for the fact that I would love to explore my father’s side of my nationalities. I KNOW the Croatian part of my blood. I can sing and dance in Croatian. And I can speak a little bit. I’ve always wanted to discover my Irish and Ukrainian backgrounds as well.

The real reason I’ve decided to blog tonight is because my mother said the magic words yesterday when I was talking about what kind of biscotti I was going to bake her later in the evening. (I’ve baked her at least 5 batches of biscotti since I’ve been home…2 of which were made in the past 7 days.) Anyway, she said “why don’t you go to culinary school after you graduate with your English degree?”


I’ve been trying to convince her to let me do that for at least 2 years. The hardest decision I’m going to be making now is “Culinary or Pastry school?!”

I was texting my roommate, Allison, today. She’s in Florida getting tan while I’m getting paler by the minute (as I mentioned above, I’m Irish), and she is totally for me going to cooking school. She loves when I cook. I even got her to eat lasagna. She HATES red sauce. I was stoked. Allie’s in school for Education, but is pretty sure she’s going to hate teaching. So, she told me that I can open a bakery and she’ll help me manage it. And help me decorate, because she’s super artsy…unlike myself.

Also, I feel that going to culinary school will help me hone the skills I’ll need for the one true job I want to hold in life: Trophy Wife. (Actually, finding a sugar daddy may or may not have been on of my 2011 Resolutions….)

I’m finally excited for what the future might hold.  With this English degree that I’m busting my ass for, I will probably be working retail for the rest of my life.  But if I continue on this Pastry school idea…I could end up on TV. Which would be fantastic.  My friend Brittiany told me that I should have my own reality show–because I’m random and weird.

I feel like finally SOMETHING in my life may be falling into place.

Sigh of relief.


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