Wanna get to know me?

I used to have a myspace account, you know, in 2004 when they weren’t SUPER creep and still pretty new.  I used to do those survey things like nobody’s business. So, in order for the few of you reading, I’m gonna do another one so you can get to know me a little better. Maybe you can fill it out and leave it in the comments?

First Name: Danielle
Nickname(s): I actually have a list of like…30. But the most common are: Baby, Dani, Sook, and Dell.
Zodiac sign: Cancer (june 26)
Sex: Female
Hair Color: Brown
Loud or quiet: depends.  i’m pretty quiet compared to the rest of my family. But, i can be very loud.
Clothing style: for the most part, i dress like a 12 year old boy. other times, i’m pretty hippie dippie trippie
Does someone like you?: gosh, i hope so.
Piercings: just my ears. twice.
Tattoos: none.

Have you ever:
Been on a plane?: lots of times.
Been in a car accident?: no serious ones. and i wasn’t driving in any of them.
Been in a fight?: do siblings count? our fighting isn’t just yelling. it’s fist fights.

First best friend: Lisa and Bridget.
First crush: Furman South.  he was seriously into hockey. and now he plays for school.
First celebrity crush: Mario Lemieux, i believe.

Last person you talked to: my mum
Last person you texted: my big little brother.
Last person you watched a movie with: mum, brother, and kid my mom nannies.

Last thing you bought: Some clothes. (pants and a sparkly tank)

Last person you hugged: little ava
Last person you told you loved: i think ava when we dropped her off.

Which do you prefer in a guy? (or girl):
Lips or eyes: Eyes
Short or tall: Tall
Romantic or spontaneous: i think spontaneity is romantic.
Nice chest or butt: hmmm….i’m an ass girl. hahaha
Sensitive or loud: sensitive
Trouble-maker or hesitant: i’ve always had a thing for trouble-makers. they balance out my snarky goody-two-shoes personality.

Do you believe in?:
Yourself: i’ve been put down by alot of people, including family members.  i have some trust issues, with other people and myself.  i’m trying to work on my confidence in myself and my decisions.

Miracles: only on Ice.
Love at first sight: Sure. I haven’t personally experienced it, but my best friend has. She’s getting married in 3 days.


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