It’s that Time Again…

I have always had a hate/love relationship with the month of April.

Yes, it’s finally spring. Yes, the weather is FINALLY starting to warm up.  Yes, the flowers are blooming.  Yes, school is going to let out soon. Yes, St. George’s Day is celebrated annually with copious amounts of alcohol and belligerence…and a tamburitzan concert.

However, its time for finals.  And St. George’s Day is celebrated with the annual tamburitzan concert. Although, this was my last year ::officially:: in the junior group.  (There is a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and patience that goes into each concert.  And a lot of stress. Seriously. A. Lot.)

I’m actually using this update as a chance to procrastinate on my multiple papers that I have to write for finals weeks. I’m taking 4 classes this semester, and I have to write 6 papers for finals week. Seriously. That’s ridiculous. Actually, I think one of them has to be finished for this week, but I am nowhere close to being finished with it. I’m terrible stressed out about finals.

This past weekend was my concert weekend.  There is so much involved in this concert event that it truly does take an entire weekend.  Friday night is practice. Saturday is the concert and then reception which usually involves me forgetting to eat and then drinking excessively.  Sunday, we dress in concert and parade to the tiny church in town…followed by another reception and even more alcohol consumption. And roasted lamb. Delicious roasted lamb. I didn’t have any this year, though. I had to drive back to school, and there was scary storms on the forecast so I had to peace out rather early.

Saturday night, though, i managed to kind of make a fool out of myself.  I have successfully avoided seeing any pictures, because there may be photographic evidence of me kissing multiple friends of mine, and successfully befriending my ex-boyfriend’s current girlfriend.  That he dumped me for. (Alcohol apparently makes me friendly.)

But while this weekend was full of celebration of friends, it was also a weekend of mourning for my family.  Our beloved dog, Luke, died on Friday morning.  I was still at school, so I am rather heartbroken that I didn’t get to say ‘goodbye’.  My mom and younger brother were in the car with Luke on the way to the vet.  Luke looked up at brother from his spot on his lap, and then just…went limp.  That was quite possibly the most heartbreaking phone call I’ve ever received.  Brother was the one who called me…as I was walking out the door to class. Luckily, my professor wasn’t there and we just watched a film, because I was sniffling and weeping all through that hour.

RIP Poopie. 1998-2010

So, I’d like to end this post on a sad note.

RIP Luke. You were the best real dog/stuffed animal/lazy creature that I have ever known. You will be missed by all that knew you. We love you, Poopie.

(and now I’m sobbing.)


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