Where have all the good shows gone?

While not doing group work during my Traditional Grammar class tonight, my group was discussing the cartoons that we watched as kids.  We found that for the most part, we all basically watched the same things: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Street Sharks, Animaniacs, and Tiny Toons.

Since I haven’t updated this damn blog in literally weeks (I didn’t even update over spring break…where I did nothing but learn how to make homemade noodles), I’ve decided to gift you all with my favorite intros…and the lyrics to Animaniacs. Mostly because it sparked some serious discussion.

It’s time for An-i-man-i-acs
And we’re zany to the max
So just sit back and relax
You’ll laugh till you collapse
We’re An-i-man-i-acs

Come join the Warner brothers
And the Warner sister Dot
Just for fun we run around the Warner movie lot
They lock us in the tower whenever we get caught
But we break loose…
And then vamoose…
And now you know the plot

We’re An-i-man-i-acs
Dot is cute and Yakko yaks
Wakko packs away the snacks
While Bill Clinton plays the sax
We’re An-i-man-i-acs

Meet Pinky and the brain
Who want to rule the universe
Goodfeathers flock together,
Slappy wacks ’em with her purse
Buttons chases Mindy
While Rita sings a verse
The writers flipped
We have no script
Why bother to rehearse

We’re An-i-man-i-acs
We have play for play contracts
We’re zany to the max
There’s baloney in our slacks
We’re An-i-man-ee
Totally and zany
Here’s the shows namey
Those are the facts!

No Relation.



“NOT the Mama!!!”


okay. I’m done. What were you’re favorites growing up?


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